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TGRWT#11 Bananas and cloves

19 oktober 2008 door in Blogger |

Food experimenting molecular style, this edition of They Go Really Well Together is hosted again by Martin Lersch at and our quest is to combine bananas and cloves. Very inspiring.
The Dutch have a strange preference for yellow hard unripe bananas without any taste or smell. Odd, in view of our colonial past. I remember as a child sitting on the veranda and spooning out a very ripe banana. Delicious. For me a banana starts being edible when the smell is overwhelmingly sweet and the peel looks like this or even more brown:

For baking a banana should not be too ripe, or it will stick to the bottom of the frying pan or come apart. This ripe they were just right.
More tomorrow, with the adapted Indonesian recipe for Pisang goreng (Baked Banana).